This is not your average travel blog. I’m not here to tell you the best place to shop on the Champs Élysées, or the best place to ride a camel in Cairo. My posts are not littered with photos of Mai Tais at sunset or happy tourists having dinner at a luxury hotel.

I’m here for the politics and how it affects the every day lives of the locals. Riots, protests, poverty, charity. This blog isn’t about the traveler. It’s about the destination. The real destination.

About the author

Her first book, The Shadow of the Bear: From Ukrainian Activists to Pro-Russian Separatists chronicles her first experience traveling through Ukraine, and joining a group of war journalists who travel to rebel-held territories. She followed it up with Donbas Unfiltered, which explores the divide between the media portrayal (“information war”) of the separatists, and the reality. Her debut documentary, Polite People, covered the lives of pro-Russian foreign fighters over four months of filming and is the first documentary completed from that side of the conflict that is told entirely from the fighter’s perspective.

Her work has appeared on TV5Monde (Ukraine: Ces Français qui rejoignant les rebelles pro-Russe), Lithuanian news (for If Lithuanian entered the War in Ukraine), Maglomaniac, PopCrunch, as well footage in Polish news. Video dispatches are featured on Daily Motion.